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Another 10 years of Obstruction of Justice

The Final Judgment was obtained after a Mandate was rendered by the Court of Appeals. Thus the Final Judgment is, as a matter of law, FINAL. See the Mandate

Mandates and Opinions - the Difference

The higher Courts render Mandates and Opinions. Opinions are, as they are titled, Opinions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But an opinion is not a law nor even an Order, even if it comes from the Highest Court in the land! By contrast a Mandate is an Order. Mandates are rendered only after the time allowed for appeal to a higher courts has expired. Therefore; Mandates cannot be reversed. A Final Judgment that follows a Mandate from a higher Court is truly FINAL. No opinion that follows has legal standing. But the law and rules that prohibit Attorneys employed in positions of public trust (in government) from misrepresenting the law are not enforced. Therefore they can and often do misrepresent the law. Whether they do so intentionally is another question.

Judges and Justices in Texas are elected. Apparently due to political concerns they allow Government Attorneys to violate the laws and rules that the people of Texas, and the Attorneys that represent them, are required to comply with. They fear the political power of Government Agencies that employee attorneys, and the attorneys employed therein, more than they do the political power of an uninformed public. Thus friviolous, unlawful, appeals can be filed by Attorneys employed in the government. Judges and Justices will turn a blind eye to acts for which Attorneys in the private sector would be held accountable.  Judges and Justices will even enter unlawful opinions to cover for Officials elected to oversee Government Agencies that employe attorneys. It may also be a attempt to help the government save face, to protect it's reputation. But the result for this Citizen has been Justice denied with another 10 years of obstruction.


FINAL – not 'overturned'


  1. Our Texas Courts found this Citizen of Texas to be a victim of unconstitutional and unlawful acts by an over-reaching State government. Attorney General does not, and cannot, dispute this.

  2. Our Texas Courts found this Citizen of Texas to have been the victim of an unlawful taking of private property. Attorney General does not, and cannot lawfully, dispute this finding.

  3. Therefore It is UNDISPUTED our Texas Courts have found that, as of September 2015, $1,238,586.85 will be due as a legal obligation of the government of Texas ('the State').

The Office of Attorney General, and at least one Justice in our Courts, are of the opinion the Texas Legislature can refuse to honor the legal obligations of the State government. True, but doing so is a violation of the Legislators Oath. It is appropriate for our Legislature to pay this FINAL Judgment and It would not be the best interest of the reputation of our State for our Legislature to abuse it's position of public trust with a refusal to honor the legal obligations it has to the Individual Citizens of Texas.

NO JUDGMENT IS REQUIRED. Some have said Heimlich does not have a valid Final Judgment because of the memorandum opinion. But pursuant to the power and duties granted by the sovereign people of Texas to their Legislature this division of government can, and must, pay any substantiated claim for property unlawfully taken (includes taking by damage or destruction by those who act in the name of the government for our Texas (aka, 'The State'). Thus the 'no judgment' objection fails. The Texas Legislature, in order to be in compliance with their Oath of Office, must respond to the Petition of a Texas Citizen so aggrieved by making an appropriation with direction to the Comptroller for payment of the Final Judgment as a valid Claim.

The Final Judgment, or Claim, this Citizen has upon the government of his Land of Texas, remains valid and payable by the Texas Legislature. The next page shows what the Legislature can now do to address this Injustice and maintain the reputation of the government operating on our Land of Texas.