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There is NO greater threat to the safety of a public,

than a STATE that is free to imprison the Citizen with impunity


Without restitution for the personal property

taken, damaged, and destroyed by a wrongful imprisonment,

every Citizen is reduced to a Subject.


The Citizen has been reduced to a Subject of a communist STATE.


There is then NO private property right,

only the PRETENCE of the right (a fraud).


The public is then NOT SAFE from the STATE


There is then NO Law securing Liberty & Justice,

Only the ‘color’, or ‘appearance’ of Law, without SUBSTANCE


Restitution for a victim of wrongful imprisonment is not a statutory ‘privilege’ that a Legislature may grant or withhold. It is a god-given, natural, inherent, inalienable, Right of the Victim. And a Right our Constitutions, US & Texas, intended to impose a duty upon Congress and the Legislators of our State to SECURE, from Executive & Judicial malfeasance, as well as from delay in payment of the restitution by Legislative Officials. It is thus a SUBSTANTIVE right of the private citizen that every public citizen has a DUTY to protect. This is an issue that Legislators do not have a ‘privilege’ to address or ignore. It is an issue that Legislators have assumed a DUTY to address. See 42 USC 1986, the duty to prevent the deprivation of Individual Right to LIBERTY & JUSTICE.


A person’s body and time is PRIVATE property. Taken wrongfully, compensation is due. The Texas Legislature has a DUTY to PROVIDE, MAKE, PAY restitution to the victim.