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To Attorney General Ken Paxton, c/o his Deputy Chief of State, April 23, 2015

I have been told an amendment for the payment of my claim will be added if the Attorney General tell the authors to add it to the Misc. Claims & Judgments Act.

As someone who campaigned as a Constitutional Conservative I am sure you understand that conserving our constitution requires restitution to those who suffered property loss at the hands of those who chose to violate our Constitution.

The world will agree a Legal and Moral obligation remains even if the government entity known as the State declares, through it's legislature, the people of Texas do not have permission to enter the Courts of the State.

Business and Commerce depend on contracts. A land were the government can impair the obligations of lawful contracts is a land to avoid.

The Attorney General should make this amendment his priority.

An Amendment for SB 1280 and HB 3330

To pay the Final Judgment awarded to Edmund Bryan Heimlich on October 3, 2005, plus the post-judgment interest of 6.5% awarded therein, as a legal obligation of the State for his economic loss caused by the improper prosecution and imprisonment he suffered at the hands of the State, a total appropriation of $1,238,586.85.

If not; then the world will want to know why an Attorney for the State would reduce the Constitution to nothing more than suggestions by arguing the courts are closed when the entity known as government violates these Laws.