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Criminal Justice Reform begins with keeping the innocent out of jail.

Keeping the innocent out of jail requires the Rule of Law be restored. The Rule of Law protects the innocent from arbitrary and capricious accusations. It protects citizens from being dragged into the criminal justice system.

Keeping the innocent out of jail requires Due Process of Law be restored. Due Process of Law protects those who have been dragged into the criminal system and subjected to the process from being wrongfully convicted.

Who is responsible for preserving, protecting, and defending the Rule of Law and securing the Right to Due Process of Law? First and foremost is the Legislature. As Representatives of the true sovereign on our Land. That is; the people of Texas. Your Senator & Representative represent YOU, the private citizens.

The Legislature must encourage and demand the other two divisions of government, the Executive and the Judiciary perform their functions from within the confines of our Constitutions and Laws. The Executive must respect the law that binds it and limits the discretion of it's actors. Executive Actors, as Police and Prosecutors, and Judicial Actors, Judges and Prosecutors, have a duty to provide the people of Texas with Due Process of Law. Note that Prosecutors are of both Divisions, Executive and Judicial (as Officers of the Courts). They must be subjected to particular scrutiny. The Legislature has the duty to oversee the other divisions and to hold them accountable when they fail to peform their functions as mandated by our Constitutions, and the Laws of the Legislature made in pursuance thereof.

The Legislature is the ONLY division of government with the power to do this. It is the ONLY division of government that we, the sovereign people of Texas, have delegated the two great powers through which this can be achieved.


1 - The Power of the Purse;
2 - The Power to make Law.

The Legislature can, and must, provide an incentive to the Executive and Judiciary to act within the law and to provide those it acts upon with due process of law. How? By providing Restitution and Compensation to those who are victim of lawless acts by executive actors and victims of a deprivation of due process of law. When the Executive Division sees the funds that it wants being directed to it's victims it will have an incentive to stop victimizing the people of Texas.

Criminal Justice Reform begins with providing justice

to those who have been victims of improper fines and imprisonment.

Here is THE LAW that mandates restitution

Why me and my organizations? I know the system from the inside out. Literally. Academics know the system from the outside. As smart as they may be and as much as they may have researched and studied their lack of inside experience limits and colors their perception. Even Attorneys who have or presently work in the criminal justice system have a limited perspective. They cannot fully understand what the experience is like for the person accused of a crime. They cannot see or understand how their family suffers. They cannot see or understand the how just the accusation alone, and the ordeal of the process, even absent a conviction, is devastating in the short term and does long term psychological damage. For the remainder of their life they will be hampered and hindered by some degree of post traumatic stress from the ordeal of the process.