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A person takes your property. The person admits they did so unlawfully, admits that they were wrong. Should the person provide you with restitution for your property loss? I'm sure you agree they should.

If they then told you yes, I was wrong, my actions were illegal, but I have no legal or moral duty to provide you with restitution, would you accept it? What if that person is an artificial entity known as government? Do the same Laws of Nature and Nature's God apply?

Informed Citizens was created because this is real. What do you think?

  1. The government takes your property & destroys your Business.

  2. The government admits it did so unlawfully.

  3. Should the government provide you with restitution for your property loss?

Common Sense and Common Law say YES!
Restitution is an inherent, unalienable, Right

It is a God-Given Right; see the The Laws of Moses.

Our Texas Constitution clearly intended to secure this Right in Our Texas Bill of Rights, as
forever inviolate, and mandates that all laws contrary thereto are void

Incredible as it may seem, there are many employed in government on our land of Texas (aka, the State of Texas) who think not. They believe that government is above the law.  Herein is the proof.

This site will share with you the documented truth of a horrifying ordeal imposed upon a Citizen of Texas by the government of Texas (aka 'The State'). The ordeal is ongoing. It is not yet over.

This ongoing ordeal puts to the test the belief that we, the People of Texas, are Citizens. It puts to the test the belief that we have Liberty in Texas. Or to be more precise; it raises the question of whether or not the unalienable God-given Rights that YOU possess are secure on the land known as Texas. 

Our Systems of Justice and Government have, and continue to be, tested. The will of our people to be a free, self-governing, people is being tested.

If government on our Land of Texas (aka, 'the State') can deprive your fellow Citizen of Liberty, Private Property, and Justice, then the State can do it to you.


Study this site and take action in defense of your God given, unalienable, inherent, Birth Rights. Those who came before us referred to these as of inestimable value and were willing to take life, and if necessary lose their life, in their defense and to preserve them for you.

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